St. John’s Episcopal-Lutheran Church members are involved in several special ministries to the Williams and the surrounding area.

Food Cupboard


In November 2017 St. John’s opened a 24/7 food cupboard for the hungry in Williams

While Williams has a city food bank, it is only open one day a week. The members of St. John’s came up with the idea to create a cupboard that will be stocked 24/7 with some basic food items.  Those who are hungry may take what they need, but we ask that people also help restock the cupboard when they can to help the next hungry person.  The cupboard was built by Dr. Cesareo Vasquez, and was filled for the first time November 18, 2017.  Within days of being filled for the first time, it was serving several people in the community.

Highway 64 Clean-up

Each Fall, St. John’s volunteers to clean up a section of Arizona Highway 64, just north of I-40, in Williams.  Members of the congregation work together on a Saturday to clean up litter and debris from their designated section.  The date for the cleanup will get announced at church, in the Sunday bulletin, on our Facebook page under Events, and in our Blog.  Everyone who would like to keep our community free of litter and keep our town

Advent Concert Series

St. John's Choir

St. John’s Choir singing Lessons and Carols, December 2016

Since 2009, St. John’s has brought a variety of music to the community in a concert series each Sunday afternoon during Advent.  St. John’s choir (which is open to all in the community – not just members of the congregation) and local clergy present Lessons and Carols in one of the concerts, and the other three feature many local and regional musicians.  The concerts are child-friendly and free (a free-will offering is there for who would like to help offset the costs of the performances).  After each concert, members of the church serve refreshments in Walker Hall and it provides a time for the musicians and the public to meet.

Hope Bags for the Homeless

Tora Moody

Tora Moody

Ms. Tora Moody leads the Hope Bags project.  She helps us collect items that can be placed into a gallon ziploc type bag, and then given to the homeless.  She helps collect small and easy to open food items, bottled water, soap, socks, pads of paper and pencils, snacks, dog treats (many of the homeless have a pet with them), gum, etc.  Members can keep a bag or two in their autos and then provide them to someone in need when they see them on their travels in town or in the area.

Adult Book Study

An adult book study group meets each Monday morning at 9:30 am in Walker Hall.  The group selects a book, and then each week the group reads a portion of the book and then discusses it.  The first book of 2018 is Max Lucado’s Traveling Light.  All are welcome to join the group for the reading and discussion – you do not need to be a member of St. John’s to participate.

St. John’s Choir

St. John's choir Williams AZ

The choir at Easter, 2017

St. John’s choir meets each Wednesday at 5:30 pm in the sanctuary.  There are no auditions and we are always in need of men to balance out the parts! We welcome members and non-members of St. John’s alike – the only requirement is a love of singing God’s praises.  The choir sings each Sunday during the worship service and does a warm-up on Sunday mornings at 10 am.  The choir is led by Mr. George Albers and accompanied by Ms. Beth LaGro.  We welcome young adults (middle school through high school) as well as adults into the choir. The choir does special music for the Advent and Lent/Easter church seasons along with the regular Sunday music.